Bestobell Steam Express

Part Number Description
DM006210 1/2" FNPT DM6
DM006310 3/4" FNPT D6
DM012210 12" FPT DM12
DM012310 3/4" FNPT DM12
DM025210 1/2" FPT DM25
DM025211 1/2" FNPT DM2 with DTC
DM025310 3/4 FNPT DM25
DM025311 3/4" FNPT DM25 wih DC
DS012212 1/2" FNPT DS12
DS012292 1/2" BSPT DS12
GM003310 3/4" FNPT GM3
GM006310 3/4" FNPT GM3
GM006490 1" BSPP GM6
GM010210 1/2" FNPT GM10
GM010310 3/4" FNPT GM10
GM010410 1" FNPT GM10
GM016310 3/4" FNPT GM16
M0010310 3/4" FNPT M10
M0016310 3/4" FNPT M16
M0016410 1" FNPT M16
TM022210 1/2" FNPT TM22
DT711210 1/2" FNPT DT711
DT711310 3/4 FNPT DT711

A wide variety of Bestobell Steam Traps are available for next business day shipping. Additional exceptions may apply.

To qualify for Bestobell Steam Express, the following conditions must be met:

  • Multiple Purchase Orders for 5 units will not be accepted without prior factory approval
  • With the exception of DT711 models maximum numbers of traps per pruchase order is five (5)
  • Purchase orders for DT711 1/2" and 3/4" traps is ten (10) units per purchase order
  • Net 30 days with approved Credit references
  • Freight Pre-Paid and add unless specified by representative
  • FOB Cincinnati, OH  USA
  • Specify Bestobell Steam Express at time of order, use special part number and require factory confirmation
  • Traps must be ordered as listed, no special conditions, tests, modifications or alterations may be done

Bestobell Steam Express Next Business Day Valve - order must be received by 2:00 pm Eastern Standard Time Monday through Friday.