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Jun, 2015
Introducing The Total Trap®

The Total Trap® Solution

Stop wasting time, energy, and money from not only energy loss, but excessive labor hours poured into over-designed steam trapping systems.  Instead, why not cut the energy waste and reduce those labor hours by over 95% by the fast and easy installation of a Total Trap® model to fit your steam trap station needs.  No more than 2 welds are required to install any of the models, and each model is a self-contained steam trap, steam strainer and blow-down, venting, and disc trap back flush as well as bypass all in one simple to install package in less than 15” (381 mm) of space.  Bestobell Steam has models to fit all your saturated and superheated steam needs!

May, 2015
Bestobell Steam's Delta Element Steam Trap

Bestobell Steam's Delta Element is a triangular shaped bimetal strip of austenitic and ferritic stainless steels. The materials are joined together using a patented state of the art process of Controlled Atmospheric Bonding. This process assures strong consistent and repeatable operation over the life of the trap. This bonded steel is then further processed for additional strength and shaped  into the delta pattern and heat-treated to eliminate stresses. This entire process allows the Bestobell Dela Element traps long life with consistent operations.

The single blade design provides faster reponse than found with typical stacked arrangements due to the large surface/mass ratio. The stem is situated at a point that allows the expansion of the bimetal to exert a linear pull on the stem to prevent unevent wear on the sealing surfaces.

Thermostatic and Thermodynamic Forces
Bestobell Delta Element traps are unique in that they employ a hybrid design that utilizes both thermostatic and thermodynamic principles to achieve a continuous modulating discharge of condensate as it forms, and eliminates live steam loss.
The combination of a temperature-sensitive closing force (thermostatic element) and a pressure-sensitive opening force (thermodynamic valve) overcomes the sluggishness and susceptibility to service failure that can be encountered with traditional bimetallic designs. The valve design utilizes the  thermodynamic pressure forces of the flashing steam to provide quick response and a wide operating range closely approximating the steam curve.

Integral Strainers and Check Valves
Bestobell Steam saves you the added expense of buying and installing separate strainers and check valves to complete your steam trap station. Most models include a built-in strainer to protect the trap internals from dirt or foreign matter in your steam system.
The valve stem acts as an integral check valve to prevent backward flow of condensate. The Delta Element trap can operate in applications with constant back pressures of up to 70% of inlet pressures due to the adjustable design on the element.