Our History

Bestobell Steam created the unique Delta Element steam trap over 40 years ago to correct two age-old steam trap problems that cause lost profit: steam loss and trap failure. Simply put, we wanted to create a steam trap that outlived the boiler, and did what the name implies....trap steam... and remove condensate.  Traditional trap technologies have inherent flaws that reduce your profit.  Why correct these problems? They cost you profit!Inherent steam loss and trap failure steam loss not only cost you utility dollars, but increase O&M expense and interrupt the production of quality product.
Bestobell ...........profitability by design

Since then, Bestobell has expanded its’ expertise and now offers a complete line of steam system solutions, including steam traps, float and thermostatic traps, thermodynamic disc traps, leak detectors, condensate return pumps, line strainers, as well as a host of complementary steam specialty products. Whether in the market for low pressure tracing lines, high pressure process applications or reliable heat exchangers, Bestobell has the solution and guarantees three years operation with no live steam loss.